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Why Every Developer Should Have a Blog

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Blogging is a form of marketing yourself. Blogging is a way of backing up the things that you’ve learned. Newbie developers could use it later on as a reference when they encounter the same problem that you had when you were still climbing up the stairs(were always climbing up the stairs).

Your blog is a testament that you love your craft. You don’t make money when you write an article on your personal blog. It’s a means of showing that you’re not working hard just for money alone. It’s a means of showing that you genuinely love your craft.

Writing about something helps you understand the topic at a level greater than what you had when you were just learning about it. This is very true as you have to research more if you really want to write a quality content that others can use later on.

I’m well aware that there’s already an overflowing amount of not so good content out there. But don’t let that stop you from writing. If you really have pride in your work you won’t go ahead and publish a half-assed article on your blog.

But again there’s this mentality that no one will ever read what you have written except you or your own mother. This is actually very true. No one will ever found what you have written if you don’t share it somewhere public like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or if you’re feeling lucky Hacker News. Or if you don’t have real life friends which you can effortlessly ask to read your blog. The fact that no one would read your blog if you’re just starting out since there’s not much content after all. But as you continue to publish articles with quality content each day or each week people will eventually reach your blog. And eventually you will receive a bunch of good and bad comments. You will have to respond to a comment even if its not a question. A simple thanks will do if the commenter is praising your work.

I’m not really good at convincing people so if I hadn’t convince you to write a blog, I totally understand.