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Introduction to Yellowpill

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These past few days I was only focusing on updating my personal projects. Personal projects are never really done until you’re satisfied with the quality of code and there are no longer features that you can think of.

And now I’m writing yet another blog post introducing yet another personal project which I call YellowPill. There are a bunch of Github projects which were named RedPill and BluePill (both from the awesome movie The Matrix) so I decided to name it YellowPill so its unique. I can’t really think of a cool name that is related to the project itself so I’ve just stick with YellowPill.

YellowPill is a project that came out of a need to quickly create a database in MySql and out of the laziness to use Google to search for existing tools that can do the job for me.

The project is only 3 days old, but like any other project it always starts small (probably taking 4 days to 1 week to finish) but always becomes bigger as the idea further develops.

Here are the things that I currently have on my mind (which I basically snatched from the README file):

  • Creating new database
  • Selecting database to be used
  • Improve response messages. Currently the application does not issue an error if the operation cannot be performed or something went wrong
  • Ordering of fields
  • Visualization on which tables are connected and which fields connects the tables
  • Dropping database
  • Transferring current fields from current table to another
  • Generating queries based on selected fields from different tables (I’ve only thought of this last night while lying on my bed)

Here’s a screenshot of what I currently have.