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Have Your Own Opinion

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What technology have you played around lately? What did you think of it? Is it nice? Is it easy to learn? Does it have a good documentation? Does it feel right for you?

Which server-side language do you prefer? Is it PHP, Ruby or Python? Or Maybe VB.net or C#. Which PHP framework do you use? Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend or maybe Yii?

Which JavaScript library do you use? jQuery, Mootools, or maybe Dojo? Or maybe you prefer language that compiles to JavaScript like TypeScript and CofeeScript.

Which css framework do you use on your projects? HTML Kickstart? Twitter Bootstrap? Zurb’s Foundation? Skeleton?

Do you still use plain css or do you use Less or Sass?

Which client-side templating library do you use? Handlebars? Mustache?

Do you validate your HTML or CSS code? Why? Why not?

Do you use code quality tools like CSSlint, jsHint, or jsLint, or phpHint? Or maybe Zend’s coding standards for writing PHP code.

Do you prefer to use Google’s styleguide for writing html, css, or JavaScript. Or do you use Githubs. Or maybe you’re using a combination of style guides from different resources and calling it as your own.

Do you prefer any of these doctypes or do you use the shorter html5 doctype:

<!DOCTYPE html>

Do you prefer video tutorials over written blog posts when learning a new technology? Or you just play around with it and use the documentation when you get stucked?

Do you always use === when comparing values.

Do you still use global variables?

var im_global = true;
var person = true;
var firstname = 'Lisa';
var lastname = 'Dragontooth';
var age = 20;

Or do you use namespacing?

var person = {
  firstname : 'Lisa',
  lastname : 'Dragontooth',
  age : 20

Do you prefer to use helper libraries like Sugar.js or Underscore.js for using functions that aren’t directly available in JavaScript, or do you write your own library to do stuff that you commonly do on your projects?

Why do you think PHP sucks and Ruby rocks? Why do you think javascript is the future?

Which version control system do you use? Is it the oldie SVN, or Git or Mercurial.

Are you a solid Relational database fan or are you a NO SQL fanboy?

Do you still write your programs without writing test code? Do you prefer to write the program first before trying to write the test code? Do you use automated testing tools like Selenium?

What do you think about testing all the new stuff? Do you test the new stuff immediately and decide if its worth integrating into your repository of tools to be used on future projects? Or do you wait for a couple of months until you’ve proven that a technology is worth giving a shot?

Wew that’s a lot of question, I really hope that someone is still reading. Anyway if you’re still there here’s the point in asking all of those questions: every developer should have their own opinion on which technologies they prefer, which style guide works best, which version control system to use, which css framework has more flexibility, which tools to use for the job.

Having your own opinion means that its not being influenced by what your mentors or teachers or seniors told you. It’s just what you think is right for the job and what feels right for you. If moving the opening curly brace of a control structure to a new line feels right for you then go for it not because your mentor told you so but because it feels right for you and you think its more readable that way.

If you think Twitter bootstrap sucks and Foundation rocks then use Foundation for your projects.

For every technology there’s always one or two things that we prefer to use.

What’s important about having your own opinion is that you don’t just accept what your mentors told you or someone in the internet told you or maybe what you’ve read in an article. Try to investigate, try to read what other people are saying about a certain method or technology. Don’t just blindly accept what’s being thrown at you. At the end of the day all you have to do is to choose what feels right for you, just follow your heart.