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Podcasts I Listen To

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To take a bit of a break from the usual web development tutorials that I published. This week I’ll be talking about some of the podcasts that I usually listen to when I’m just chilling out doing nothing. Podcasts are a really good way to keep yourself updated as a developer even if you’re not in front of a computer.


A podcast where they talk about front end web design, development and UX. Its hosted by Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert. Each week they either interview someone from the industry or have a Rapidfire show in which they answer questions submitted by their listeners.

Ruby Rogues

Not like what the name of the podcast suggests, Ruby Rogues isn’t exclusively for Ruby stuff. I’m not a Ruby Developer myself but I often listen to this podcast because they usually talk about general stuff that developers would want to listen to. Things like self-evaluation, staying sharp, and education. They also usually invite someone from the industry to be in the show so that’s a bonus as well. At the end of each episode they have a picks section in which each of the hosts pick anything that they want to plug into the show. Such as books, games, a random article.

JavaScript Jabber

Pretty much like the Ruby Rogues podcast because its created by the same guy: Charles Maxwood. They mostly invite JavaScript developers to talk about their projects. Such as Guillermo Rauch of Socket.io, Jo Liss of Broccoli.js.

Freelancer Show

Another podcast from Charles Maxwood, the Freelancer Show. As the name suggests, its a podcast about freelancing. If you’re looking into doing freelancing on your part-time or you want to do freelancing full-time then this podcast is for you.

Three Devs and a Maybe

A podcast about Web Development. Though if you visit their website they usually talk about PHP stuff. If you’re a PHP developer then this podcast should definitely be on your listening list.

This Developer’s Life

A podcast about developers and their lives. Though this podcast is not ongoing anymore, most of the things that you’ll find in here are still relevant. Its about the daily lives of developers after all. Their content is mostly on story format. And each episode has a specific theme. Things like obsession, learning, competition, getting fired and many others.

The JavaScript Show

Though this podcast is no longer active, they have some good stuff in here that you might want to check out. Each episode is fully dedicated to JavaScript stuff, that is both client-side and server-side. Its from the same guy (Peter Cooper) who’s curating the contents for the JavaScript Weekly Newsletter so the JavaScript Show is basically a JavaScript Weekly in audio format.

FaceOff Show

Another podcast which is no longer active but still pretty useful is the FaceOff Show. They have a total of 126 episodes before they stopped but the content is still available on their website to download or to listen to. The FaceOff Show is a holistic podcast, its basically all of the podcast mentioned above combined into one. In other words, its all thing development.