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Plans for 2015

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Its 2015 and I think the best way to start one’s year right is to lay out some plans. This 2015 I want to be more ambitious with the side projects that I do, I want to make my head hurt a little more. Because that’s the only way to grow as a developer. I also want to read more books, watch more video courses and write more this 2015.

Side Projects

  • Anime API – I’m a really big fan of anime. I watch anime everyday. That’s why I’m thinking of creating an API about anime. It will be something like IMDb but for anime. It will include information such as the title, genre, cover image, plot, air dates, and links to relevant websites.
  • Pokemon API – Pokemon is one of the things I grew up with. Starting from the Red Version on Gameboy Color up to the Pokemon X Version on 3DS. There’s already an existing Pokemon API which is really good, except the fact that its lacking some data. Specifically on base stats, in-game trainers, type defenses, moves learned and pokedex entries. I want an API which has all of the information you need to know about Pokemon.
  • Antares – At the later part of 2014 I published this app on google play. Its a news reader for developers. Currently its only getting news from various newsletters that I subscribe to, hacker news, medium, readability and other developer websites. I’m planning to add machine learning capabilities to it so it will only recommend links that are more interesting to the current user.
  • Ahead – As I’ve introduced before, ahead is an app for scheduling posts to be published later to twitter, facebook or linkedin. I’m thinking of adding integration to delicious, readability or instapaper. Or maybe get some data from the antares api and have it recommend some links for the user to share.
  • vid-master – This is a project I started 5 months ago in the company that I’m currently working for. Its a laravel app for creating video websites, this allows the user to import videos from youtube or vimeo and then use those as the content for the video website. Unfortunately this got abandoned so I asked my boss if I could just open-source it. And he agreed, that’s why its now on my Github waiting for updates.

Those are my ideas for now. I’ve already mentioned some of the projects that I’m planning to do in my brain dump post.

Code Quality

As developers were in a constant pressure of releasing stuff out in the open. And that is true for me as well. Most of the time I sacrifice quality for the sake of speed. So that I can release things fast. That is why this 2015 I’ll try to write more quality code whenever possible. I won’t proceed with the first solution that comes to mind because that’s often the hacky solution which results in dirty code. I’ll also try to learn about design patterns, inversion of control, dependency injection, and leverage existing libraries more.


Aside from the ones I already mentioned on brain dump. I’m thinking of doing the following as well:

  • Laravel Series – as I’m mainly using laravel for most of my projects I think its necessary for me to write about it to further enforce what I’ve learned and to share it to others.
  • Shopify Series – I want to learn more about Shopify since I’ve been getting lots of Shopify projects lately. Because of this article that I’ve written 2 years ago about getting started with shopify app development. I had to decline all of those projects since I’m not confident enough on my Shopify Development skills. And so I think that doing more Shopify is the only solution. And I’ll document everything that I learn on this blog in a form of a series of articles discussing about various Shopify topics.
  • Prediction IO Series – just like Shopify, I’m also getting a lot of projects concerning Prediction IO. So I also want to dive deeper so that I can feel confident enough about taking projects.


I had this plan for many years now but I never really got to put it into action. Hopefully this year I will get to create a new youtube channel such as thenewboston or phpacademy to share the things that I’ve learned by means of a video. I think I really need this to exercise my verbal communication skills because as a remote and sole developer I don’t really need to talk that much to do my job.


Two years ago I wrote this blog post on how to stay healthy as a developer. As you might already know being a developer or any other job that requires you to sit all day long is bad for the health. That’s why this 2015 I want to be a healthier person by means of walking. Walking is a very good physical activity that requires less effort. I recently bought a fitbit flex which allows me to track the number of steps I’ve made and the calories I’ve burned. Hopefully this will help me to walk more and keep me motivated.

Time Management

I watch a lot of anime (6 to 14 titles per season), I waste a lot of time reading articles that I think matters, I like to keep up with a lot of things which ends up consuming most of my free time (Twitter, Facebook, Hacker News, Podcasts). This 2015 I want to be more picky about the things I watch and read so that I can have more time to do what’s really important.

I think that pretty much sums it up. Looking forward for a productive and bountiful 2015.