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Introduction to Antares Web

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Welcome to yet another promotional post on another side-project of mine. This time its the web version of Antares. If you don’t know what Antares is, its basically a news app for Android. Its a news app targeted to developers to be exact. You can read all about it here: Introduction to Antares.

So yeah, Antares web is just a website were you can read all the news from popular sources such as Hacker News, Product Hunt, Medium, Designer News, Slashdot and many others. There are also news coming from popular curators such as echojs and developer newsletters. The news items are ordered from the latest to the least latest so you’re assured that the ones on top are the latest one. Antares uses infinite scrolling. So if you missed yesterday’s news, you can always scroll until you find something you’re interested in reading.

Future Plans

  • More news sources.
  • Viewing of news on a specific date.
  • Top news. Something simple like logging the view count on each link based on the number of clicks it gets. And then ordering the results from the most number of views to the least.
  • Mobile version. Currently it doesn’t look that good on mobile. Especially on devices below 400px width.
  • Social Sharing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn sharing. And possibly Google plus. I’ll just add it as a button below each news link, so that users can easily share. Integration with my Ahead project seems to be a good idea as well. So users can easily schedule posts to their social accounts for later publishing.
  • Bookmarking. I’m looking at pocket integration. So each news link will have its own button for saving to pocket.

That’s all for now. If you want to know more about this project. You can always visit its project page. If you’re a developer, you can check out this project at Github. Feel free to contribute.