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More Podcasts I Listen To

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Time flies so fast, I can’t believe that its been more than a year since I last posted something about the podcasts I listen to. Before I was only listening to developer-related podcasts such as Shoptalkshow and Ruby Rogues. But I’ve discovered that there are more great podcasts out there outside my own little developer world. Here are some of those:


Radiolab is a podcast hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich. It mostly focuses on science and history topics. Its very entertaining and truly a great snack for the brain.

Developer Tea

One of the newer podcasts on development produced by Jonathan Cutrell. The thing I really like about this podcast is that its very short, the longest episode I’ve heard so far is abou 13 minutes. So it doesn’t really take much of your time. You can listen to it while you’re on a tea break might be the inspiration why its called developer tea. And because they are short, you can expect to hear only the most essential advice that are useful for you as a developer.


Nocturne is a podcast about the night. It features stories of people’s experiences in the night. I found out about it when I was searching for scary podcasts. Though I later found out that Nocturne isn’t really that. But the quality of the podcast really made me an avid listener.


Lore is a podcast featuring true life scary stories. This includes stories of ghosts and local folklore such as the Jersey Devil.

NoSleep Podcast

NoSleep Podcast is a fiction horror podcast. I think its scary but I also think it can be scarier. Though if they would make it more scary, I probably would no longer listen. I think its scariness level is manageable for most people.

Stuff You Should Know

A podcast from the howstuffworks.com network. If you have read howstuffworks.com before then you can expect the same kind of content on this podcast. Any topic under the sun which answers the question on how it works.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind

As the name suggests, this podcast mainly focuses on stuff that can blow your mind.

Planet Money

A podcast from NPR that’s all about money and the economy.


A new podcast from NPR which features stories on the invisible forces that control human behavior. I first heard about it while I was listening to Radiolab. I didn’t hesitate to try an episode since I already know the quality of podcasts from NPR.

Last Podcast On The Left

Yet another podcast that I found while I was looking for scary podcasts. Guess what, Last Podcast On The Left isn’t really scary. The Last Podcast On The Left covers all the horrors our world has to offer both imagined and real, from demons and slashers to cults and serial killers, The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust. At least that’s what their description says. So if you dig those stuff then this podcast is for you.