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Introduction to Grade Viewer

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As a teacher I want to show my students what grades they’re getting. And the common tool for recording their scores is a spreadsheet. This would automatically compute their grade based on the scores they got from each of the activities. If you have already worked with a spreadsheet before, you might already know that its hard to present it to another person. Because you have to scroll horizontally in order to view every thing. And since the total score for an activity is located at the top row, so you also have to scroll to the top whenever they want to see the total score. To put it simply, the eye of the viewer has to move a lot. Not to mention, they will see the grades of their classmates as well. So directly showing the grades in the spreadsheet is really a no go.

Luckily I can actually program things. That’s why I built Grade Viewer. This allows me to upload an excel spreadsheet, then specify the range that I want to target.

new subject

Then I enter the activities done for each component (lecture and laboratory) of the subject.


Once that’s done (provided I have specified every thing correctly) I can now go to the dashboard and click on the view grades link.


This will list out all the subjects that I’ve currently added. From here I can click on the update link to update the excel file and the settings. Or the view link to view the grades.


Here’s what the page for viewing grades looks like:


It has a search feature but it can also navigate with previous and next links. Just below the name of the student is their grade for lecture and laboratory. And below it is the break down. From here, the student can just ask any questions regarding their grades.

Future Plans

Nothing really. The project is in a pretty sweet spot right now when it comes to functionality. But just like many of my side projects, the underlying code has a lot of room for improvement.