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Introduction to Pokeapi-json

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Welcome to yet another post about a side-project of mine. This time it’s a totally useless project. It’s called pokeapi-json. As the name suggests, its the JSON version of the pokeapi project. If you check their Github page, the data is basically in csv format. The only real difference is that I’m using JSON on my project. Which is pretty much the same way they’re serving the data on the pokeapi website. That’s really all there is to it to this project. I had fun watching as my hard drive gets filled up by 6000+ Pokemon descriptions from different games. I had fun seeing the cute little Pokemon sprites filling the directory that I specified. Here’s a screenshot:

Pokemon sprites

Very cute right? There’s a sense of achievement just seeing all 718 Pokemon sitting in a directory in your hard drive.

But I’m not satisfied with this yet. I’m planning on creating my own Pokedex app which has all the Pokemon data one can imagine. Currently there are 2 awesome Pokedex app out there:

I’m planning to create something much more awesome.

I’ll probably need to scrape the following websites in order to get every possible information about Pokemon.

I know it’s not going to be easy but I’ll try to do it for the love of Pokemon.