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Year-end Review

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A year is coming to an end again. And with lots of free time during the holidays I figured it would be nice to reflect on the previous year. So in this post I’ll be sharing some of the things that happened in 2015.


As you might already know I’m a developer. So I develop websites and apps for a living. I mainly do home-based work since I graduated from college. Mainly because of its convenience and for personal reasons. You get to work from home and earn money how cool is that? But recently its no longer that fun. Payments get delayed. And projects are no longer that interesting. I basically stopped doing it around October of this year. Good thing I got hired as an author for Tutsplus’ Mobile channel. And I still write for Sitepoint. So I currently write articles for those two awesome websites full-time.

Around July this year I got a message from my college instructor asking if I want to teach. I said yes. And so from August until December I taught at the college where I graduated from. It’s only part-time during the afternoon so I still got to write full-time. From my 4 months of experience I can say that I really enjoyed teaching. Being able to share what you know and helping your students get better, it’s one of the most rewarding feelings ever.

Since teaching in college requires someone to have a master’s degree in their field. I had to take up Master’s in Information Technology. Good thing the school is only walking distance from my home so it’s very accessible. And classes are only on saturdays. So I’m still able to do what I like doing the most: coding.


This career section wouldn’t be complete without me talking about projects. If you look at my Github profile there are lots of new additions to the list of repos this year. This is mainly because I always write tutorials on making apps with different web technologies. Sitepoint and Tutsplus requires those apps to be in a Github repo. That’s why my Github has got a bunch of those apps. Another reason for the repo population growth is free time. I already mentioned that I currently write full-time. But I don’t necessarily have a boss. So I still got to choose whether to write for a certain day or work with another thing. Some days I choose to work on my personal projects. The common theme for my personal projects is usually to solve some problems that I’m having. Mainly automation stuff so I don’t have to do a lot of things manually. My part-time teaching job has particularly lots of problems that needs solving. This includes: attendance tracking, managing of files submitted by students, checking of student activities, showing grades to the students.


Developers are mainly sedentary animals. That’s why there’s a need to make an effort to thwart the effects of sitting in front of the computer all day long. As for me what I did was to use a standing desk. And jog first thing in the morning.