Singapore Lottery

Lottery Singapore

Singapore lottery is a form of gambling that offers players the chance to win large amounts of money. It is available from a variety of outlets and can be played on desktop computers, mobile phones or tablets.

The Singapore lottery has three main lotteries: 4-D, Toto and Singapore Sweep. Each has multiple tiers of cash prizes, so players can win big money!

Toto – the oldest of the Singapore pool lotteries — first came onto the market in 1968. The lottery features a starting prize of $1 million, which increases over time as the jackpot rolls over.

4D – the second most popular Singapore lottery — has several tiers of cash prizes, including the jackpot prize, which is usually higher than a million dollars. A player wins the jackpot if all of their 4-digit numbers match any of the winning numbers in exactly the same order as they did when the lottery was drawn.

Sweep – the third form of Singapore lottery — has 19 sets of seven-digit winning numbers, plus nine groups of two-digit winning numbers that are also drawn in every draw. The prize varies, but can be up to $2.3 million.

The Singapore lottery is regulated by the Tote Board, a statutory body that oversees lotteries, sports betting and horse racing. It is the only legal operator of lotteries in the country, and its portfolio includes four digit, Toto and Singapore Sweep. It is also the only bookmaker in Singapore and the sole legal totalisator of association football and motor racing bets.